Why Choose The Dealmaster Program For Bridge Players


Why Choose The Dealmaster Program For Bridge Players

Playing a card game is a great hobby to have, because not only is it fun and entertaining, but it is also a way to exercise your mind with skills such as tactics, memory, probability and communication. Bridge is one such trick-taking game that is played by 4 players in 2 competing partnerships, playing with a standard 52-card deck.

If you are a lover of bridge and want to help pass on the knowledge or just better your own skills, the Dealmaster Bridge Deal Generator is the best way to go. The Dealmaster Program is one of the best for bridge players because it features a number of benefits for teachers, clubs as well as players.

Wondering how the Dealmaster Bridge Deal Generator is suitable for you?

For bridge teachers –

The Dealmaster Pro is great for preparing lessons as it works as an efficient organizational tool. Teachers have the option of entering deals and notes about them, classifying them, as well as storing the deals in a central and professional database to help in making the exact deals that you want!

The aid of generating deals that meet certain specifications enables better teaching, as you don’t need to painstakingly do it yourself. It is even endorsed by the ACBL Educational Department and will allow teachers to take multiple printouts for future use.

For bridge clubs –

Designed with the perfect features in mind for bridge clubs, the Dealmaster Pro provides the highest statistical standards by delivering accuracy with every deal. The random dealing function allows players to generate bridge deal and learn and analyze them to better their skills.

It features Hand Record with makeable contracts and can also create files needed to operate other dealing machines. Make PBN, HTML, and various other file types, and also design your own traveler.

For bridge players –

Being a powerful and versatile tool for Bridge, the Dealmaster Pro provides a way to get accurate deals for virtually any specification. Players can view statistics about it and analyze it to improve their skills. You can also create a Hand Record with makeable contracts.